The Anatomy Cell

The anatomy cell aims to impassion medical students to enjoy studying the structure and function of the human body, and are dedicated to sharing their enthusiasm for such an integral aspect of medical education. 

Weekly anatomy tutorials take place at Queens Medical Centre, based upon knowledge gleaned from the literature and our own clinical, dissecting room, and classroom experiences. Based around the syllabus and timetable for the BMedSci anatomical modules, we attempt to integrate each student's private study and experiences in the dissecting room for a greater appreciation of the topic. Although pitched at the level of the first and second year BMedSci course, all medical students are welcomed. Details of venue, date, and topics covered can be found in the weekly SCRUBS newsletter. 

Anatomy tutorials are also conducted in Derby, aimed at the Graduate Entry Medic (GEM) students in particular, before the final GEM exam period begins. Forthcoming anatomy teaching for clinical students includes a summary lecture based around the paediatric surgery placement in Clinical Phase 2 (CP2), and consultant led tutorials based around their specialty. 

In short, the purpose of the anatomy cell is to integrate anatomy into the knowledge base of future clinicians, so that they will both be better equipped to practice medicine, and more able to enjoy the study of clinical and academic medicine to the full.