Surgical Careers

In a new NHS that is increasingly pushing for Doctors to specialise earlier and earlier, isn't it worth taking every chance you have to make sure you choose the right career choice for you? Not to mention hearing about all the cool stuff that goes on in the hospital that you never get to hear about!

For this reason, whether you're a "gung-ho - sure-thing" Surgeon of the future, someone who just has a thing for scalpels, or Joe Medic wondering what the future could hold for them, SCRUBS takes the time to ensure that Medical Students in Nottingham receive good quality, honest & relevant advice about a career in surgery.

With this in mind, SCRUBS has a dedicated careers cell to give you the opportunity to explore these specialties further and find out what interests you. Throughout the year, SCRUBS organises talks by consultants about both established and emerging specialties that you may never otherwise be able to hear about. These events are informative and useful for all medical students, from day one of first year, to the week before finals.

SCRUBS also organises a yearly careers fayre for the myriad of different surgical specialties.. Here you can network or chat informally consultants and trainees to get an insider's guide a surgical career. 

New events for this year include a GEM Careers Fayre, a speed dating event and further collaboration with Women In Surgery for female surgeons to give advice and guidance on careers in surgery whilst tackling maternity leave and childcare issues. With this in mind, for further information regarding surgical careers or Women In Surgery, please see

All details regarding the aforementioned events will be posted on the website, so keep your eyes peeled! If there is anything you would like to be covered in a talk then please do not hesitate to contact us with your suggestions.