Greetings young fresher,

Welcome to SCRUBS, The University of Nottingham's Student Surgical Society! Here are some steps to get you started if you are interested in becoming members.

5 Steps to getting set up with SCRUBS

  1. Find out about the society
    Read about the society and our various cells in our about us section, and meet the current committee on the committee page.
  2. Like us on Facebook
    Join and like the SCRUBS Facebook group.
  3. Sign up with us at the Freshers' Fayre or online
    Come and say hello to us at the Fresher's Fayre, or if you miss that, you can always sign up online.
  4. Register on the website
    Once you have signed up with us and have received your confirmation email from us, you can register on the website to unlock resources and signup to members-only events.
  5. Party, safe in the knowledge your surgical career is off to an awesome start!