RCSed Future Surgeons Course

Mr Tennant is leading another RCSEd Future Surgeons Course in the centre on Fri 12th December 2014 at QMC


By the end of the course, participants will be able to: demonstrate effective aseptic 

technique of gowning and gloving; demonstrate effective instrument handling technique; 
close a simple wound using a variety of suturing techniques; demonstrate skin lesion & 
cyst removal; demonstrate abscess drainage and excision and debridement; demonstrate 
an understanding of diathermy; demonstrate basic three-dimensional manipulation using 
endoscopic equipment. 
TARGET AUDIENCE: Senior Medical Students (3rd year and above) and FY1?s
DURATION: The one day course will begin at 8.30am and finish by 4.30 pm
COST: £95.00 
At the end of the Course Day: 
Delegates will receive a RCSEd Certificate of Attendance and a DVD demonstrating the 
main topics covered 
Post Course: 
Delegates will also be offered Pre-MRCS Affiliation for 12 months at no extra cost. 
 Existing Affiliates will have an additional 12 months added onto their current subscription.
Lunch & Beverages are provided
 Places are allocated on a ?first come - first served? basis