The 2009 - 2010 Committee

President - Dave Eagle
An even older man. A retired 6 foot 2 bronzed swim-wear model with flowing blond locks transformed into a balding dwarf by the last 12 months as SCRUBS general secretary. Now lacking the liver capacity to do anything interesting, I seem to spend most of my time struggling to keep up with the rate with which I'm forgetting stuff...
Vice President - Lisa Wilson
Lisa didn't do a previous degree... or take a gap year... or travel... but as one of the Scrubs Anatomy Co-ordinators, she did make a profound discovery; it is simply pointless to try to say 'pain'(and all related rhyming words)in her accent... no-one ever understands and this makes her sad. Born and bred on the North coast of Ireland she endures missing her beaches to inspire the fresh and eager minds of the Nottingham first years..
Vice President - Sabrina Akhtar
Sabrina doesn't have a previous degree either, but she is currently part of the SCRUBS teaching cell, passing on her knowledge and wisdom to those who wish to listen to her... And lending a hand to the skills cell, teaching knot tying and basic suturing... Enjoys talking, eating, and shopping...
Head of Anatomy - Oliver Fuge
I have a degree in Neuroscience but I'm fairly sure I don't want to be a Neurologist! I have a passion for Anatomy and a career in surgery is definitely where I would like to end up. Currently I cannot decide between Paediatric Surgery and Neurosurgery; I may even be able to combine the two if I work my socks off and a significant amount luck comes my way (nationwide last year I think there was just a single Paediatric Surgery trainee position!) If all that fails, I quite fancy myself as a Professor of Anatomy in some picturesque Italian University, running a farm in my spare time! My heroes are Charles Darwin, Beethoven, Neil Young and Trevor Brooking. I am avid supporter of West Ham and visiting ancient pubs (which is probably the finest thing Nottingham has to offer!)
Anatomy Coordinator - Andy Najman
Rumor has it Andy is the last remaining heir to Don Burro's toppled Colombian drug cartel. CIA intelligence thinks he spent his pre med-school life studying history & politics preparing for his Colombian cout d'etat to usher in the era of militant socio-vegetarianism. He also traveled the globe for numerous years 'training guerrillas', changing his appearance at least 3 times (Chesney Hawkes, Pat Sharp, and David Platt are the 3 confirmed guises). It is believed his close proximity to plastic surgeons bolstered his interest in surgery. He is still a dangerous individual - in his brief presidency of the Garudite Republic of GEMSOC estimates of 6-9% of students disappeared in controversial circumstances. You've been warned.
Anatomy Coordinator - Vaibhav Gupta
His Canadian accent will have the keen learners mesmerised and inspired. Vaibhav is as patriotic as one can be about the massive country on top of the United States. Don't be fooled by his love for Salsa dancing and tofu, Vaibhav is one awesome mean machine (quite literally - check those abs!!). He's teaching anatomy and becoming an artist along the way - wait until you see his diagrams!
Anatomy Coordinator - Hanna Tilly
I'm a graduate in Physiology and Pharmacology, but not a GEM (I took the easy route) and I don't even look old enough to be in uni. I reckon I got a fair deal there. Although I love medical school, mounting debt and chronic fatigue syndrome that comes with it, I do miss being a 'proper' scientist. I was intent on becoming an anatomy tutor so I could inspire the many, ever younger, Nottingham medics - and so I could teach them a few rude mnemonics.
Head of Skills - Max Sellers
I'm a Nottingham graduate who previously studied French and Philosophy. When I eventually realised I was going to be a rubbish French philosopher, I changed tack and decided to go to medical school. I also did a bit of work in hospitals as a clinical technician, which basically entailed stabbing people all day long and stealing their blood, so being Head of Skills clearly comes naturally to me! Some say that our skills 'Pay the bills', or even that we shop at 'Skills R Us' ... You think you can suture? We'll make you better, stat.
Skills Coordinator - Tom Kite
As one of the few on committee fortunate enough to get into medical school the first time round, my presence will not only decrease the average age to that of a typical balding registrar, but also provide arrogance and intolerance, skills I have honed masterfully in preparation for a career in surgery. Interests include living off pizza, beer and student nurses. As masters of skills, Max and I will have you suturing the anus following an AP resection faster than you can say 'scissors please nurse.' And finally, a joke if you can bear to read anymore: What's the difference between a surgeon and God? God doesn't think he's a surgeon.
Head of Lectures and Careers - Saad Ahmed Fyyaz
Saad is a charmer on legs and is constantly struggling to keep on top of his friend requests on Facebook. His sense of humour is the leading tension breaker on the medical course at Nottingham and his swagger makes everyone feel like his best friend. Saad is always on the move juggling a variety of extracurriculars, but he always finds time to work on his plan to take over the world.
Derby Coordinator - Ruth Richardson
An enthusiastic and keen new-comer to the committee I'm hoping this year that the Derby lecture circuit will take the world by storm! Despite the fact I still struggle to tie my own shoe laces, and my dissection buddies call me Choppy-McChop, I still profess to surgical ambitions. All things medical aside, I love tearing around a hockey pitch, matching my drinks to my dance moves and making earrings...
Publicity/Sponsorship - Alex Mansell-Hope
Another GEM veteran, Alex spent his formative years busking on the streets of London. Having studied Molecular Biology as his first degree, he escaped life as a lab rat to take on a 'proper job' in the rat race. His ongoing search for the perfect beach has led him to some of the remotest locations in the world narrowly avoiding some hairy situations in the process. The absence of beaches in Nottingham has led to an interest in surgery and the wonderful world of Scrubs.
Treasurer - Jasmine Graham
A bubbly and loveable second year with a mature head on young shoulders. Drinks: Port and fine wine, or nice wine, or just any old wine really! Often gets far too tempted by numerous Ebay items at a time, but not to worry, as she proved herself to be far more restrained with other people's money as a JCR president. Is looking forward to perfecting her excel spreadsheet skills this year!
General Secretary - Boris Palatov
I've always been drawn to surgery so becoming part of a society which promotes the various sub-specialties under that umbrella was an obvious choice. Among other things, I'm in charge of the SCRUBS website so I'll be frantically brushing up on my asp skills. I'm also eager to get involved with the teaching/events aspect, especially helping out with future suturing classes. I also love extreme sports - paintball, skiing, sky diving, rock climbing - but have a (paradoxically) relaxed demeanour.