The 2010 - 2011 Committee

President - Lisa Wilson
I have been on the committee for three years now - starting as one of the anatomy coordinators, then Vice President and now President! It's been an eye-opening but very rewarding three years and I hope to inspire some of you guys to consider a career in surgery, and make SCRUBS even bigger and better than it has been before.
Vice President and Treasurer - Vaibhav Gupta
After teaching weekly anatomy for a year, Vaibhav went on to balance the SCRUBS accounts as Treasurer and took up more general responsibility as the VP. He organised large revision courses for clinical students involving junior doctors to deliver small group teaching for students preparing for exams and helped with the daily running of the society. He also attracted sponsorship and freed up funds for SCRUBS to purchase a full new set of skills teaching equipment and redevelop its website!

Vaibhav recently performed as part of the chorus for the Medic's Musical production Footloose and will now begin preparing for a Bollywood/Salsa dance performance for a student show in the New Year!
Vice President & Head of Anatomy - Hanna Tilly
I'm a graduate in Physiology and Pharmacology, but not a GEM (I took the easy route) and I don't even look old enough to be in uni. I reckon I got a fair deal there. Although I love medical school, mounting debt and chronic fatigue syndrome that comes with it, I do sometimes miss being a 'proper' scientist. I was intent on becoming an anatomy tutor so I could inspire the many, ever younger, Nottingham medics - and so I could teach them a few rude mnemonics.
Head of Lectures & Careers - Saad Fyyaz
Saad is a charmer on legs and is constantly struggling to keep on top of his friend requests on Facebook. His sense of humour is the leading tension breaker on the medical course at Nottingham and his swagger makes everyone feel like his best friend. Saad is always on the move juggling a variety of extracurriculars, but he always finds time to work on his plan to take over the world.
Anatomy Co-ordinator - Ruth Richardson
I'm now a final-year GEM student. I moved up from London where I previously studied Anthropology and Law. This is my second year on the SCRUBS commitee; having started out as Derby co-ordinator last year I have now joined the anatomy tutors teaching on Tuesday evenings.
Skills Co-ordinator - Alex Kennedy
I'm one of those GEM students with a particularly helpful previous degree (English Literature), now powering through organic chemistry and pharmacokinetics with ease. Kind of.
I've had a great year on the Scrubs committee. Aside from waving around sharp things (safely, of course...), teaching other students suturing has been immensely satisfying, and I've enjoyed taking part in the advanced suturing and OSCE practice sessions that we've put on. I also hope future committees will enjoy the shiny brand new suturing pads we've managed to wrangle!
General Secretary - Jennifer Peycke
Another GEM for the SCRUBS committee, although I like to think I could pass for a slightly more haggard looking undergrad! I get excited at just the prospect of wearing scrubs so I was delighted to join the society with the same name. Having only fainted during one surgical procedure so far I hope I will be able to overcome this drawback to pursue a career in surgery. With a slight spreadsheet obsession teetering on the edge of OCD I am very happy to be given the responsibility of the SCRUBS printer and on the premise of delivering handouts/certificates, help out at as many SCRUBS events as possible.
Publicity and Sponsorship - Tim McEwen
In 2010 Tim decided the time was right to join SCRUBS. In an interview with the BBC he said "I have just been really disappointed with the direction the show is headed, I thought they'd call it a day after JD left, but now we're on season 9 and I feel most of the humour falls flat on the UK audience so I wanted to get on board to see if I can make a difference. I have some great ideas for plot lines but I actually watch Friends with my tea now, it's my faviourite show."
Skills Coordinator - Aimee Rowe
Aimee has been a Skills Coordinator for the past year, helping to run suturing skills events. She loves to cut and sew and enjoys teaching others.
Aimee is a GEM student who loves art and one day dreams of being an oral and maxfacs surgeon.