The 2011 - 2012 Committee

President - Vaibhav Gupta
After going around the SCRUBS circuit teaching weekly anatomy, balancing the books as Treasurer, and organising clinical events while helping with day-to-day running as VP, Vaibhav has now been handed the reigns and trusted to keep up the name SCRUBS has built over the last few years!

Vaibhav enjoys getting involved in student life and has emcee'd or performed in several big shows on campus over the last three years. He also keeps a blog and reviews medical textbooks. His favourite holiday is going back home to Canada for a bit of rest and relaxation!
Vice President & Head of Careers - Hanna Tilly
A SCRUBS veteran, Hanna is a compulsive do-er. Never will you catch her sitting still long enough to ask her what new and exciting plans she has up her sleeve. Her first assist was an adult circumcision (imagine having that on record for life) and since then she jumps on every opportunity to get "SCRUBSed" up! After teaching anatomy for SCRUBS for almost two years she now has firm belief that surgery is the ONLY way forward and with an obsession for perfection and straightness, she hopes to become a pretty damn good surgeonette. Now as SCRUBS' Head of Careers, she hopes to get everyone else onto the surgery band wagon! The more the merrier.
Vice President & Head of Skills - Saad Fyyaz
Saad is a charmer on legs and is constantly struggling to keep on top of his friend requests on Facebook. His sense of humour is the leading tension breaker on the medical course at Nottingham and his swagger makes everyone feel like his best friend. Saad is always on the move juggling a variety of extracurriculars, but he always finds time to work on his plan to take over the world.
Head of Anatomy - Harry Rhodes
Harry's main involves the organisation of anatomy revision sessions for the undergraduates at Nottingham. It's his job to make sure that the students get what they want in terms of exam tips and anatomical knowledge and to liase with the Anatomy Coordinators to ensure the sessions are appropriate in their content and interesting! As a former coordinator, he also loves to teach so will more than likely schedule himself for the occasional teaching session as well!

In his spare time, Harry enjoys sports, particularly Judo, playing the guitar, and loves a good night out!
Sponsorship & Publicity Co-ordinator - Vittorio Decaro
I'm new to the SCRUBS committee this year and I intend to use my enthusiasm for surgery to fund and publicise everything we do. I'll also be looking to get involved with teaching anatomy and skills and help develop new exciting events. I'm in my third year on the undergraduate course and I enjoy music, golf and running.
Anatomy Co-ordinator - Jamie Coleman
Growing up in the shadow of rugby heroism amidst the Pennine heartland, Jamie found much of his youth revolved around the great game. After countless injuries and a shoulder made of eggshell he uncovered a vigorous passion for performing, guitar in toe and ended up taking over the British broadcasting cooperation number one radio station at the ripe old age of 16. After a whirlwind year or 3 he came out the other side in need of a purpose in life and a polishing off and woke up in Medicine.This year he hopes to subliminally instil key anatomical knowledge into the hearts and souls of the younger generations through enjoyable, interactive learning sessions and the use of tin cans, elastic bands and anything that expands...
General Secretary - Lauren Taylor
Lauren, new to the role as Gen Sec, is hoping to organise the hell out of the SCRUBS society. Whilst filling her time with eating, drinking and running she puts every element of her life into her calendar and is looking for things to fill the ever shrinking blank spaces. That is where the members of SCRUBS come in; if you want something done, go to Lauren. *Calendar entry: Finished SCRUBS website profile 00:23*

P.S. If you write her an email with a spelling mistake in it, she will email back to correct you, expect an apology, then reply to your email.
Careers coordinator - Chris Bayliss
Joining SCRUBS as careers coordinator this year I plan to bring some fresh ideas and definitely some added height to the role. I love all things surgery, especially cardio (for all those Grey's fans, Yang has nothing on me!) and if you bring any form of suture material within 100 yards of me it will be knotted around an unsuspecting inanimate object before you know it, friends have even asked me to suture their paper cuts! If I know it, I will teach it and look forward to sharing the surgical passion with you this year.
Derby Coordinator - Niall Gilliland
Niall is a 2nd year GEM who previously studied Psychology at the University of Birmingham. Prior to starting GEM he worked as a Headhunter in the City (not as interesting as it sounds), and a DJ. He has naturally now assumed the role of GEM resident DJ, so can be found trying to educate GEMs in the finer points of house and techno music, as opposed to N-Dubz and Rihanna! Niall is very much looking forward to being a part of the SCRUBS team and bringing lots of interesting events to Derby.
Anatomy Co-ordinator - Nainika Menon
An avid reader, I spend my spare time writing and diving into my imagination, allowing me to be my own protagonist. One of these involves me casually walking around in surgical scrubs, living my love for anatomy on a daily basis. As Anatomy Co-ordinator, I hope to spread this love and plant these dreams in other's minds too. Sharing knowledge has always been a passion of mine and combining it with such a great subject makes it all the more exciting. I look forward to being one of the new additions to the committee and being part of a team dedicated to dreaming big.
Trauma Conference Lead and Skills Coordinator - James Constable
It's been a great opportunity to help design, organise and deliver surgical training events such as laparoscopy simulation + basic through to advanced suturing. I've also had the honour of sitting as Trauma Conference Lead for our UK Annual Meeting with 60 national 4th and 5th year medical students attending.

Career aspirations = ENT / Trauma + Orthopaedics
Interests = Being a keeno, rugby, cricket, racket sports, cider etc etc

I've tried my utmost to really get stuck in with SCRUBS in my time and I feel it's paid off - it's a fantastic society to get involved in, either attending it's calendar events or on the committee, and I'm looking forward to seeing it better itself next year!

James Constable - winner of "Most Attractive SCRUBS Male" Category, 2011 - 2012