The 2012 - 2013 Committee

President - James Coleman
After a whirlwind year as anatomy co-ordinator, Jamie has been handed the reigns as SCRUBS president. This is a role which he is extremely proud of and one which he is looking forward to making his own, furthering the fantastic reputation that SCRUBS has built over the years.

Jamie will bring bucket loads of enthusiasm to the role and will find it a challenge to keep his mitts out of other people's events! He is honoured to be working alongside an extremely efficient and talented committee who will make his role a breeze!

When not in SCRUBS mode, Jamie can be found on the beach, sipping a cold beer and playing his guitar! He enjoys new challenges and after taking on the role of the AIDs infested emotional Roger in the medics' musical recently, he is looking forward getting back to himself and meeting the future challenges head on...
Vice President, Trauma Conference Lead & Head of Academic Cell - Niall Gilliland
Officially the oldest member with the longest title on the committee! Last years Derby Coordinator that is looking to develop the Academic Cell and organise the Trauma Conference in the upcoming academic year.
Head of Anatomy - Francesca Pickwell
Previously the 'inappropriate' anatomy coordinator, I have taken on the role of Head of Anatomy within SCRUBS. The biggest challenge I have faced so far is resisting the urge not to put my new anatomy coordinator babies in matching jumpers or something...
In my spare time I seem to make numerous mock exams for second year medics and I also like to go running (not to keep fit but to train for that inevitable zombie apocolypse).
If medicine doesn't work out, I have big plans to work in the DR as Natasha's DR wench!
Senior Derby Coordinator - Ashley Clews-Jones
My name is Ash and I'm the 2012-2013 Senior Derby Coordinator. The aim of my role is to replicate all of the opportunities that SCRUBS provide for the students in Nottingham for the graduate students in sunny Derbados, while hopefully organising a few specific events that will appeal to GEM students. My partner in crime for this year is the wonderful Christine Garner who will be co-organizing all events with me and generally keeping me out of trouble.

Dream job: Army plastic and reconstructive surgeon.
Hobbies: Wannabe Mr Miyagi & three chord guitarist.
Aspirations within SCRUBS: To bring something new to the Derby role and compete with JC for best looking male SCRUBS member 2013 .
General Secretary - Oscar MacCormac
After escaping the socially isolating shackles of GEM, Oscar has been able to work on his new found ability to make friends and has furthered this by joining the SCRUBS 2012 committee! Enthusiastic, keen and organised, Oscar will be aiming to keep the day to day admin involved with SCRUBS ticking over nicely.

On days off, Oscar can be found frequenting A&E after continuing to fail to recognise the limitations of his glass-like frame on the rugby pitch, or taking it upon himself to run a fair few miles through the peaks for 'the fun of it.'

Dream job: Neurosurgeon, after doing a brief stint with the Royal Marines
Sponsorship and Publicity - Katie Miller
Having only joined SCRUBS in 2012, I am incredibly excited about the challenging but exhilarating year ahead for SCRUBS. While maintaining current sponsorship contracts and acquiring new sponsors for events, my role is also to ensure that everyone knows about the fantastic events that SCRUBS are holding.

When not attempting to become the next winner of The Great British Bake Off, you will undoubtedly find me on the hockey pitch or running in Wollaton Park.

Where you will find me in 10 years: Retired eminent surgeon turned patisserie chef
Favourite Nottingham haunt: The White Rabbit tea room
Head of Careers - Lauren Taylor
Lauren is taking on the role of Head of Careers in her second year on the SCRUBS Committee. She is hoping to develop the Careers cell to facilitate more Women In Surgery events and improve our already medical school renowned careers events. With her skills from last year's Gen Sec role, Lauren aims to organise the Careers cell to within an inch of its existence.
If Lauren isn't attached to her phone getting her emails ticked off her to do list and adding events to her calendar, you'll find her running in Nottingham, eating out or in the pub socialising.
Head of Skills - Ben Rapaport
As the Head of Skills this year I will be organising and teaching an array of surgical techniques to anyone keen enough to learn them. From knot tying to laparoscopic suturing there is a diverse range of skills to become familiar with.

In between brewing beer and playing football I'm always trying to find time to relax with my friends.

As an aspiring Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon I'm passionate about all things surgical. This year in SCRUBS we're aiming to run regular skills classes so that everyone can get involved!
Anatomy Co-Ordinator - Christopher Evans
As one of the anatomy Co-Ordinators for this year, I hope to inject some fun into what can be a difficult subject, so be prepared for exceptionally rude mnemonics, rhymes, chants, and other tips and tricks to help you memorise all those facts!

Likes: squash, paintballing, snooker.

Fun fact: housemates nicknamed me granddad, on account of my love for slippers, dressing gowns, old music and scotch whiskey.
Anatomy Coordinator - Rachel Holmes
A brand new addition to the SCRUBS team, Rachel is ready to brighten the grind of learning anatomy, preferably using as many rude mnemonics as she can get away with! Anatomy has always been her favourite subject, however after a last minute art course sign up (and a big misunderstanding) she found herself having to study it more closely than expected!
When she's not busy maintaining her title as 'keenest member of Medics' Rowing' over at the River Trent, you'll probably find this Yorkshire lass in the kitchen baking all varieties of desserts for her weekly 'pudding night'!
So if you want a head start in anatomy, Rachel and her partners in crime (Chris and Zara) will be ready to enlighten you with the best subject you'll take at med school!
Academic Cell Co-ordinator - Nainika Menon
After spending my first year in SCRUBS teaching anatomy to first and second year medics, I will be taking on the role of Academic Cell Co-ordinator. I have always enjoyed teaching and being actively involved with my peers and hope to continue this by organising outreach programmes for local schools and setting up audit schemes for students interested in surgical research. Being a relatively new cell, I believe it will enable SCRUBS to widen its already excellent range of activities.

In my spare time, you will find me sneaking off to Hallward library to pick up a novel or browsing the world of spoken word poetry. I look forward to the coming year in SCRUBS and hope to explore new horizons with the Academic Cell.
Skills Co-ordinator - Katerina Kyprianou
Have been an anatomy co-ordinator for the past year, I decided to give the anatomy students a break from my long, detailed lectures and teach something more practical. Both teaching and suturing are things I enjoy doing a lot, and therefore I am really excited to have the role of skills co-ordinator this year. My aim is to run regular skills sessions for people from all years to learn these practical skills, which we never have the opportunity to do so.

When I am not walking around the hospital being constantly lost, you will find me in the gym, a dance class or occasionally on stage!

Dream job: Plastic & reconstructive surgeon / part-time dance teacher

Looking forward to seeing you all in our suturing and laparoscopy sessions!
Anatomy Co-ordinator - Zara Kwan
As with my fellow anatomy Co-ordinators Chris and Rachel I'm new to the scrubs team this year also. Hoping to help the intake of 2011 2nd years and 2012 freshers through the weekly terror that is anatomy. Making Gray's/Moore and Agur more exciting through my plethora of random food and tv/film (generally Disney) references and mnemonics handed faithfully down to me from previous years I'm here to pass it on.

Outside of SCRUBS: I'm a keen musician, lucky enough to have my own piano in my house (though unlucky to have to move it when changing houses). Other hobbies include: squash, drinking tea.
Junior Derby Coordinator - Christine Garner
Hi I'm Chrissy, me and Ash work together to try and bring the fun of scrubs to Derby for the Graduate entry students and the CP1-CP3 students placed in Derby.

Our aim for this year was to continue the great work that was done last year by way of revision sessions and mock clinical skills exams, and add a few of our own ideas. So far we have been able to organize a very successful dissection session and are in the process of organizing what should be a very interesting "careers speed dating event". So if you about in derby and interested in Surgery keep your eyes peeled for coming events !!

Scrubs love Chrissy x