The 2013 - 2014 Committee

President - Christopher Evans
Having spent the last year as an Anatomy Co-ordinator (Ask him to show you how having flat feet makes your gluteals stick out), Chris has strapped himself in for what is set to be an amazing year as SCRUBS president. This is a role he is very proud of, and is looking forward to furthering the fantastic reputation that SCRUBS has built up over the years.

When not fending off abuse for wanting to be a dermatologist/GP, you'll find him in a forest somewhere playing paintball, on the squash court or in the gym. At night he enjoys a generous glass of single malt accompanied by 'proper' music, previously earning him the affectionate nickname of Grandfather among his housemates.
Vice President, Head of Academic Cell and Treasurer - Nainika Menon
After previously being Anatomy Co-ordinator and Academic Co-ordinator for SCRUBS, I have now taken on the role of Vice President, Head of Academic Cell and Treasurer (very much in keeping with the SCRUBS tradition of the Vice President having the longest title!). Being my third year in SCRUBS, I can proudly say that I am longest standing member within the current committee and I look forward to another year of exciting events, broadening the horizons of the Academic Cell and working with a dedicated and enthusiastic committee.

As an aspiring surgeon, you'll find me eagerly flicking through my timetables to look up the days I'm in theatre and being passionate about all things surgery. I enjoy spending my spare time with friends and family, photographing sunsets or balancing a novel in one hand and Oxford Handbook for Clinical Medicine in the other!
Head of skills - Luke Harries
I am new to the scrubs committee, but i'm looking forward to teaching the next wave of students who are keen to learn some clinical skills. I aim to teach a progressive course of clinical skills which encompass numerous types of suturing and laproscopy skills as well as hopefully nurturing some people's desire to pursue surgery as a career.

I am an aspiring orthopaedic surgeon who is keen on a bit of football, skiing and squash (so probably more likely to end up as an orthopaedic patient). My other interests are basically watching too many films and playing too much call of duty. Just remember: If it's broken, fix it. If it isn't broken, run it over, then fix it
General Secretary - Aby Popo
My name is Aby and I am a new addition to the SCRUBS team this year. Armed with my trusty organiser, a smile and enough enthusiasm for the entire committee, I am looking forward to ensuring that the day to day running of SCRUBS occurs as smoothly as possible. I am also looking forward to getting involved in as many projects as I can.

You'll usually find me laughing, talking inappropriately in the library or eating when not attached to my phone replying emails, checking my 'to-do' list or making important phone calls.
Head of Anatomy - Zara Kwan
Newly promoted from her previous role as Anatomy Co-ordinator, Zara's back as this year's Head of Anatomy. Making sure that everything runs smoothly in the mock spotter and easing 1st and 2nd years' passage through the seamlessly endless subject that is Anatomy.

Outside of SCRUBS if it has the word "medic" and "musical" you can pretty much bet she's part of it. Participating in this year's fourth year production of Guys & Dolls and also being in the Musical Medics' choir and orchestra. Any other spare moment makes itself apparent is filled by playing squash, watching University Challenge or playing board games (Articulate!) with her housemates.
Careers Co-ordinator - Siya Lodhia
Siya is a Scrubs newbie this year and is starting out as Careers Co-ordinator. She is very passionate about bringing fresh and exciting new ideas to the role and as preparation has started watching copious numbers of Grey?s a day! Siya has always had a love of theatre although so far her performances have been limited to performing in dance shows rather than operations! The intention is to ensure that by the end of the year we?ll have everyone having a spare pair of gloves in their pocket hoping they get a chance to Scrub up!
Anatomy Coordinator - Alex Hondsmerk
I'm a new addition to the SCRUBS team for 2013/14, and I'm looking forward to sharing my love of anatomy during our weekly teaching sessions! Hopefully we can help the first and second years with tackling the anatomy course, and smoothing what can seem like a monumental mountain of work!
Outside of SCRUBS, you'll probably find me with either up a hill somewhere with the Wilderness Medicine society, or in my kitchen procrasti-baking.
Anatomy Coordinator - Joanna Lumb
Hey there! I'm a newbie to the scrubs committee for 2013/14 but I'm looking forward to sharing my slightly (okay, very) geeky love for all things anatomy. Hopefully I'll be able to make the weekly cramming for dissection a bit less daunting and perhaps even a little fun.

When I'm not with scrubs you can probably find me off doing some form of sporting activity (mostly rugby and football), listening to music, or spending way too much time on the internet. See you in LT3! =D
Sponsorship and Publicity Coordinator - Theodora Goodwin
My name is Theodora and I am a new addition to the SCRUBS committee this year taking on the role of Sponsorship and Publicity co-ordinator. I am very excited about my new role, liaising with existing SCRUBS sponsors and hopefully enticing some new ones as well as making some wacky and wonderful posters to publicise Scrubs events.

Aside from SCRUBS you can usually find me chilling with my housemates, playing some very unprofessional netball and watching Homeland!
Anatomy Coordinator - Karishma Dhera
A fresh addition to the 2013/2014 SCRUBS Team, I will be trying my best to guide you through the maze of Anatomy every week by deciphering the cryptic code that is Moore and Agur. Hopefully, you will enjoy my odd ways of memorizing through analogies and weird associations with day-to-day objects. So never miss a Tuesday!

Outside of SCRUBS, you can catch me in the kitchen cooking up some traditional Indian curry or baking cake...and eating it ofcourse. I am a foodie.

Other Hobbies: photography, swimming, reading, badminton, OCD cleaning (I like to class it as a hobby), TV; you name a show - I more than likely watch it.
Derby Coordinator - Fady Atia
I am a GEM student with massive interests in surgery. I have taken from my predecessor the passion to encourage more GEMs to pursue a career in surgery. I hope the activities we provide in Derby are both useful and interesting. I like getting involved in various things. I am a voice rep for CP2 and have been the GEM rep for Mcareers Soc and a GEM course rep. I like to spend quality time in the library, sometimes outside social hours. If not in the library, I will be trying to become a triathlete either early in the morning or in the evening, or chilling out with friends and family and watching movies over the weekend. Please, don't hesitate to tell us if SCRUBS can provide more in Derby, your feedback is invaluable.
Derby Co-Ordinator - Oliver McCallion
I'm a second-year GEM based in Derby and am a new addition to the SCRUBS committee this year. I'm looking forward to building on Ashley's and Chrissy's great work from last year and working with Fady to make SCRUBS a more accessible society to the captives of Derby.

Plans for this year include the obligatory module review sessions for GEMs, a cardiac dissection, clinical skills reviews, and some suturing sessions.

In my spare time I enjoy playing the piano a bit, generally getting involved with anything music-related, or fueling my addiction for Costa.
Skills - Coordinator - Lakshman R
Hi all,

This is my first year at scrubs. I'm hoping to make the best of it in terms of reaching to as many students as possible with our teaching. We aim to provide a skills course that covers a wide range of suturing techniques. We're hoping to add on a few few more exciting events on the skills side apart from the main suturing classes. An if there's anyone out there who's really enthusiastic about a career in surgery, just keep a look out for our workshops!

Personally, I'm a cricket enthusiast. I watch as well as play cricket, though the splendid weather in England means I rarely get to do the latter. I am also an international student. I'm from Singapore, yes that's right, the place where you get fined for chewing gum! :p