The 2017 - 2018 Committee

President - Fady Anis
Hey Guys,

I'm Fady, the President for SCRUBS 2017-2018. This is now my third year on committee,
I initially started off as Anatomy Coordinator and then Vice President. We've had a very successful year in 2016-2017 winning the National Societies Awards - Best Society 2017, therefore making us the best society in the country!
My role will be to coordinate the whole committee to ensure that we continue to host and expand on the plethora of events which we host annually.

Outside of SCRUBS, you can either find me in the gym, taking a dip in the Big-O, or binge watching on Netflix.

If there is anything that you would like to see SCRUBS doing for you, please get in touch and let us know!
VP, Treasurer and Head of Academic Cell - Christian Sevilla
Hey, I'm Chris the VP, Treasurer and Head of Academic Cell (a mouthful, I know) for SCRUBS 2017-2018.

This is my third year in the committee now, having worked my way up from Anatomy co-ordinator and Head of Anatomy in the past 2 years. I'm super dedicated to the society and thanks to my new role I'm here to look after our finances, lead our fantastic academic cell and overall help with the day-to-day running of the society.

Outside of SCRUBS, you'll either find me jamming on my guitar, making gains at the gym or nerding it out on my 3DS.

Do say hi if you see me round!
Head of Surgical Skills - Luke Carson
Hey everyone,

I'm Luke and I'm the head of skills this year.

So I'll be teaching the suturing workshops, organising the trauma conference and skills day!

When I'm not teaching skills, you'll find me playing open mics, going to the gym, or talking about how I was on MedSoc this one time (did u know?!)

Sponsorship and Publicity Coordinator - Hayat Nadama
Hi, my name is Hayat!

I'm a fourth year and this is my first year on the SCRUBS committee. As the Sponsorship and Publicity coordinator, you'll probably see me around, whether that's shout-outs in lectures or posting about our fantastic events on social media. This year, I'll be liaising with old sponsors and new, to make out events the best yet.

Outside of SCRUBS, you'll probably find me in the kitchen, making a mess and then attempting to clean it or nerding out over history documentaries.
Anatomy Coordinator - Wan Teng Lee
Hey guys!

I'm Wan Teng, a 2nd year student and one of your three Anatomy Coordinators.

Part of our role in SCRUBS is to run weekly anatomy teaching sessions to support the first and second years throughout their anatomy learning. We're constantly seeking new ways to make anatomy comprehensible, engaging, and most importantly FUN! Pop into the DR, and you may just see one of us demonstrating on prosections and CT scans. Spotter exams can be extremely daunting; we as SCRUBS run mock spotters and offer revision tips to attempt to make anatomy less scary.

Outside of SCRUBS, you'll probably find me reading in hipster cafes, watching food videos on YouTube, or scrolling through fashion brands on Instagram.

If you have any questions regarding anatomy, or simply share my love for this fascinating topic, feel free to come say hi! :)
SRN Coordinator - Kelsey Aimar
I'm Kelsey, the SRN Coordinator. The Student Research Network facilitates the matching process between practicing surgeons and medical students. My role is to ensure that Consultants wishing for extra help with their research projects are paired swiftly with medical students who have a keen interest in surgery. Check the SRN website frequently for project updates:

I'm personally very interested in research; I've had the privilege of working in various research settings, including molecular laboratories and social care settings. If you have any questions about the SRN or about undergraduate research opportunities in general, I'd be happy to help!
Anatomy Coordinator - Chandar Jaipal
Hey, I'm Chandar!

I am a second-year student and am part of the anatomy team at SCRUBS. We offer weekly anatomy sessions to help support your understanding of the various regions of the body and hopefully help you prepare better for the exams and spotter. I am one of the 3 students who will be teaching, and coming into DR sessions to go through prosections, models and osteology. We also give tips and advice on certain topics and try to make you laugh at our stupid ways to remember things.

If you want to know more about anatomy sessions, have any questions, or want to give suggestions on what we can do more to help, please let us know.

If you see me around, don't hesitate to say hi!
Academic Coordinator - Danielle Simpson
Hi guys,

I'm Danielle, and I'm the Academic Coordinator (an exciting newly developed position!) for SCRUBS 2017-2018. This is my second year on committee; last year I worked alongside the other Derby Coordinators to ensure smooth running of the Derby Cell, which provides academic revision lectures, mock OSCEs, dissections, suturing and a careers fair for graduate entry medics based in Derby.

My role this year is to provide support to the SRN branch whilst also introducing a new event and online information booklet - outlining advice and information for those interested in following Academic and Surgical Careers, especially focusing on the Academic Foundation Programme. I hope that this role will continue to develop throughout the year and anything you would like to see done feel free to contact me about and I will try my best to make it happen!
Anatomy Coordinator - Amanda Tatar
Hello! I'm one of the second years and part of the anatomy team this year. We run weekly lectures covering anatomy as well as teaching and helping out in the DR. Anatomy is fascinating and we want to help with it. If you have any questions please just ask us at the end of our lectures or in the DR, or just around the Med School. Outside of medicine, I love Salsa, Latin and Ballroom dancing!
Careers Coordinator - Alex Harris
Hi, I am Alex

I'm a 3rd year student and I am in charge of careers for 2017/18. This is my second year on the committee and I am more eager than ever to provide lots of exciting events. Whether you're passionate about a career in surgery, or just want to find out more, I'm happy to help. I'm also in charge of OSCE preparation for you to tackle those tricky CP1 and 3 exams.

Outside of SCRUBS, I love weightlifting, hiking and playing my bass guitar!
Skills Co-ordinator - Adil Rashid
Hey, my name is Adil! I'm a fourth-year undergrad and one of the Skills Co-ordinators for SCRUBS 2017-18. During my time at Medical School, SCRUBS has helped me confirm surgery is for me (plus their anatomy PowerPoints definitely saved me in the DR)! I'm really excited to be on the committee and my role is to help run suturing sessions for those wanting to brush up on their surgical skills. I'll also be helping to organise the annual Trauma conference, a day not to be missed!

Outside of medicine, I'm usually trying everything trick in the book to beat my friends at badminton or table tennis!
Women in Surgery Coordinator - Megan Nagel
Hey guys,
I'm Megan, a 4th year undergrad and your new Women in Surgery coordinator! I'll be in charge of organising the highly anticipated Women in Surgery Conference this year, and can't wait to meet you all there - if you have any questions about anything in the mean time, don't hesitate to come and find me. Outside of medicine I usually spend my time at Crisis with the Swimming team, but you probably won't find me in the pool.
General Secretary - Sam Luck
Hi everyone

I'm Sam, I'm the General Secretary for SCRUBS this year.

I'm responsible for booking locations for the events and meetings SCRUBS has and liaising with all other members of the committee.

Outside of SCRUBS you'll likely find me playing lacrosse, in the kitchen burning my dinner or at Crisis. Feel free to say hi if you see me around!
Head of Anatomy - Sara Al-izzi
Hi everyone! I'm Sara, and I am the Head of Anatomy for SCRUBS 2017-18. This is my second year on the committee, after being an Anatomy Co-ordinator last year. I will be working hard throughout the year to deliver plenty of anatomy-related events, including mock spotter exams and lecture series. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me anytime!

When I'm not in the dissection room or library, you'll find me singing songs from musicals at the top of my voice, playing on the violin or watching movies.
Skills Coordinator - Aranga Baskar
Hi, I'm Aranga! I'm a 3rd year and this year I'm one of your skills coordinators.

After being an anatomy coordinator last year, I'm taking my teaching out of LT3 into a more one on one style to help teach some surgical skills and help with the unmissable skills events SCRUBS runs. When I'm not teaching skills, I'm usually playing guitar or binge watching TV. Feel free to say hi if you see me around!