SCRUBS Research Network

The SCRUBS research network (SRN) is a research mentorship scheme with an aim to get more students involved with research whilst still at medical school. Surgeons who want assistance with projects they are running are matched with students who can then gain valuable research experience - these projects include things like audits, randomised controlled trials, and academic writing. This scheme is not only about enhancing a student's CV, but is about gaining skills and experience, as well as receiving guidance and advice.

All SCRUBS Members are eligible. If you do not have SCRUBS Membership but want to be involved, go to our UoNSU page and buy membership now!

If you are a SCRUBS Member and would like to join SRN please email: [email protected] with subject 'SRN Sign Up', and an email containing: Full Name, University Username (mzy...), Year Group, Placement Locations (For CP1 and above). As new projects are found they will be offered to all members who have signed up by email.